Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind

Beautifully said by Shiv Kerra in his book "You can Win"

Conscious mind is something which can think, accept or reject. But subconscious is something which just accepts. Its very important which is fed into your mind. Feelings like anger, fear, failure, doubt, hate are not supposed to be, because the auto suggestions immediately active from your subconscious mind.

So what happens when this is activated ? Simple, your subconscious mind simply accepts them and your body and mind starts reacting to it. Its always better and good to feed your subconscious mind with good and positive thoughts.

The control to your subconscious mind is with your conscious mind. Subconscious like the automobile, but the conscious mind is like the driver which needs to drive it. The Subconscious mind can either work for us or against us. It all depends on how we train it and how we drive it.

Subconsciously, certain things like emotions, habits, beliefs, long term memories are stored. During any situation…


Rite from my childhood I was attracted towards cars. Does not matter if its a new model or old model but the style of car, sound of its engine and dashboards were something i liked the most.
Even though i dont own a car (which i will soon) i used to cut all the car pictures from the newspapers and stick them in my room. As a grown up, i dont think i can do that as i dont have a separate room (dont wish to fill the living room with such stills). So i started taking pictures of the cars whenever i see them. All these were taken on the roads and some showrooms of Tokyo and Hokkaido in Japan.
Enjoy the posts and provide your comments please.

Yellow Hummer

Maserati Collections

Lamborghini Collections

Porsche Collections

Ferrari Collections

Honda Collections

Game of Life MFF

Are you a Marvel Fan ?

Really ?

Are you sure ?

Okie, then here it goes. Do not blame me for introducing this game to you, this is absolutely addictive.
Name a character, you have it (Atleast all famous ones). Here some mff players may curse me. Damn!, no deadpool yet. Thats all rite as long as you can enjoy the game with its existing roosters.

Let me get back about the game. I have been playing this almost a year and a half. Seriously, i dont remember playing a game so long. And that too its daily (gave a break of 3 months in between though).
So whats in this game that makes me to login and play it daily ?
I get a sense of achieved feeling when i win some battles, some new characters, some points (whatever shit you say!).

If you have been playing this game, you will definitely know about my feeling. If not i promise you, you'all gonna like is for sure.
Just an advice, do not spend any money on this game as a new player. You will get enough rewards and gifts and with all different game mode…